Aggregating JUnit reports of sub-projects to a master project

Hi All,

In our setup we have one main Jenkins project, which gets triggered by GitHub commits. When this project builds, it is defined to build a number of other projects. Those projects run the actual tests.

Each of these ‘sub’ projects produces a JUnit report on the page of the specific build that ran on that project. The problem here is since we have 4 sub projects, running different tests, you need to look in four separate places to see errors if tests are failing.

Does anyone know of a way to aggregate JUnit tests from different projects in Jenkins to one single ‘master’ project?

I just noticed in the documentation for the html Dependency report task that you can do this now:

apply plugin: ‘project-report’

htmlDependencyReport {
projects = project.allprojects
Note that the plugin is being applied to the root project here, not in a subprojects configuration block as shown in the question.

I don’t know which version of Gradle added this feature, but I can confirm it works in Gradle 2.0. According to the current docs (Gradle 2.2.1, January 2015) this feature is still incubating.