Bitbucket repositroy integration with jenkins


I have a repository url: http://dhdvgwit01:70800/scm/bil/billingrepo.git which is a bitbucket repository.

When I am trying to set it in jenkins, jenkins is not recofnising it as git repo and kepp on showing the error, please enter valid git repo url.

Has anyone faced such issue? , I searched for this and I found that no where the url contains private host, the bitbucket url start as -, but I dont have such url, we have bitbucket hosted on private server.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

try to clone with git url instead of http url

Thanks for the reply Akshay.

Have tried both ways… Way that you suggest Jenkins fails to connect to the repository.

This is only happening with this url, when I m using normal for repo… It’s working fine.

SDUAHKAR by default uses port 443/22 for the clone operations.
Like if you are using
git clone https://[email protected]/someproject/somerepo.git then it will use port 443 and similarly if you are using
git clone [email protected]/someproject/somerepo.git then it will use port 22

so try to tenlet on those ports to check if there is proper connectivity.
telnet 22 or
telnet 443