Build Pipeline (prompt parameter choices?)


I have a build pipeline view that has a few jobs, now they all work fine when I go into the job manually and build the job. 2 of these jobs have “build with parameters” that are a few choices (git repositories) and I can choose which one to build and life makes sense! i’m happy with that.

however with build pipeline view i want to be able to trigger the jobs manually one after the other but when I run that job (which as parameters) it just runs the default parameter and never gives me a choice. how do i configure the build pipeline to prompt me for which parameter I want to run the job?

I can see all my jobs in the build pipeline view and i do see the icon that saids “this job has paremters” but when I run it, it only runs the default one and doesn’t give me the choice. Now I can go into that job and do it manually there but that’s the whole point of Build Pipeline, I should be able to trigger these jobs from the build pipeline view.