DevOps Implementation

I’m currently trying to implement DevOps. Can anyone suggest some key points to make sure during the implementation process, preferable tools etc?

We at cirruslabs follow below stepsfor implementing deveops
Prepare for a cultural shift
Create a continuous integration, continuous delivery platform
Create a continuous testing environment
Establish a continuous deployment system
Make use of blue/green deployment
Continuously monitor performance

Before implementing DevOps Just go through these steps once

  • Assess the need for DevOps practice
  • Break organizational barriers and encourage collaboration
  • Focus on customer/end-user satisfaction
  • Do not start, but start small, then increase
  • Automate where possible
  • Choose compatible tools among them.
  • Define performance reviews by team and person
  • Provide project visibility in real-time
  • Integration and delivery constantly
  • Get better results through monitoring and feedback
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