Displaying report on Jenkins UI using data from Jenkins console for pipeline project

I am new to jenkins. I have automated the building of the FPGA projects that are present in git and also automated some 3rd party syntax checker tests on the project. The Jenkins job console displays the outcome of the tests.It also generates the log file which has the summary of the tests run and the final report.

   Goal Violation Summary:
       Waived   Messages:                      0 Errors,      0 Warnings,      0 Infos
       Reported Messages:         1 Fatals,    0 Errors,      0 Warnings,      2 Infos

Is there any way i can represent this in a graphical way? I tried searching all options. At present i am using publish HTML plugin to display the summary.log file on the dashboard. I would want it to be graphical and not text form. Junit, cucumber , summary plugins do not work for me as I do have the report format required for those puglins. Please Help asap!!