email and bitbucket notifications from a non-existent job

I have a real mystery here. I am hoping someone can help me. I have been working with jenkins since 2010, and I cannot solve this one. I have a windows master instance of jenkins.

There was previously a job named ARIC_ARENAL_BREWER which had over 500 builds associated with it. The job has been deleted and recreated with no email notification or stash notification configured. I have also tried disabling this job since I only need it to run once a sprint.

A new job also exists with the name ARIC_ARENAL_BREWER-CI. when the CI job runs, I get an email for each run telling me that the ARIC_ARENAL_BREWER job has failed. the job number is 500+ and it sequentially increases as if this is the job that is running. it also notifies Bitbucket about a failed build on the repo associated with the old job and the CI job. This happens even if the CI build actually succeeds. the CI build also notifies Bitbucket with the right result. The CI build number is nowhere near 500+ since it is relatively new. The link in the email points to a non-existent location. When I click it, I get a 404 error in my browser.