Getting Jenkins to Understand Test Results

What I have done:
I have created a script in Python that reads in a text file with a string of line-by-line arguments, then sends these argument strings line-by-line to a program which executes it. After execution, each tests output is captured and compared against another test file for accuracy - then a message is displayed depending on the result.

What I want to do:
I want to be able to tell Jenkins which tests have failed or succeeded, preferably without using the pre-made unit testing modules already out there. Because really, I’m just running the same test over and over with different input from the argument list document - which isn’t, what it seems, what unit tests are for. I want to test literal output from my program, not tests that simulate it. And I’m doing that by feeding in arguments from an external list.

What I need help with:
I’ve tried using unit-test modules with no success, and I’ve even tried manually creating a junit xml report file, which Jenkins ignored. I’m very new to Jenkins, so it could entirely be that I just don’t know what to google, because I don’t know what I’m looking for! So, a push in the right direction would be really helpful.