how does grafana dashboard show jenkins as down when the jenkins server is stopped rather than just saying "no data available"

Background: I have a linux server where I configured my jenkins and installed the prometheus plugin to scrape the jenkins instance metrics. I am using grafana dashboard to visualize and monitor the jenkins server. In grafana I have used the grafana’s pre-configured jenkins dashboard for jenkins monitoring and prometheus datasource to import the metrics to Grafana.

> Jenkins url - https://<ipaddr>:8080/test
> Prometheus scrape jenkins metrics url: https://<ipaddr>:8080/test/prometheus

Problem statement: Whenever I stop the jenkins process on my jenkins server then the grafana dashboard show as " no data available " or whenever there is some issue with prometheus plugin then also it shows " no data available ". I know this is happening because prometheus is unable to scrape the metrics since the jenkins server itself is down which results in blank data passed to grafana from prometheus datasource. I just wanted to know is there any way where I could display the specific metrics in grafana which says jenkins down when jenkins process is stopped. Grafana should say the exact error at jenkins instead of just saying " no data available ". Is there any custom grafana way to display the error message atleast when there is a problem with jenkins server itself.