How does Work Flow actually work/flow in your company?

Hi All,

How does Engineering actually pass project work to Operations?

For example:
-Do they send an email?
-Does a manager collect up all the work and assign it to a operations person?
-Is there a conference call and operation personnel just volunteer?
-Some sort of JIRA/ServiceNow alert/assignment?

I am really curious how a successful team flows work from Eng to OPs in the context of how work gets done and planned.

I work in a BIG company and frankly it’s a little frazzled right now. Even though we have JIRA, there’s simply too much email about projects and who’s going to do the work.

Any thoughts are welcome.

Hi James,

It depends on how your teams operate. For example, I am an OPS guys. I have worked with an organization where I worked closely with the developers and I was part of that team. I was responsible for creating CI/CD pipeline, automation, and any infrastructure related work. Also, we followed Agile Methodology with 2-week sprints using Jira. All the developer requests were tracked using Jira based on its priority. Since I was working closely with the developers, the communication was very good and we could close all the requests and issues very fast.

Now, I work with an organization where the engineering team is different and I am part of DevOps team. All the requests are raised in Jira using a specific channel associated with our team. Since the egineering team is different, closing the issues will take some time. Also, all the communication will happen through chat, email or Jira.

So it’s up to the Teams decision on how to operate. Jira is a great tool and most of the companies use it to track issues and tasks.