Jenkins Not find the ClassPath

Hello All,

I have installed jenkins as a windows service, I have written an ANT script for Message Broker code to do build and deploy. My issue is when i am running this script using command prompt its working fine, The same script when i am invoking through jenkins its throwing a error that ClassPath not found. Can any one please healp me on this.


[exec] BIP4516S: Failed to find all the required WebSphere MQ java classes. Class ‘’ not found in CLASSPATH ‘C:\Program Files\IBM\MQSI\\messages;C:\Program Files\IBM\MQSI\\classes;C:\Program Files\IBM\MQSI\\classes\ConfigManagerProxy.jar;C:\Program Files\IBM\MQSI\\classes\brokerutil.jar;C:\ProgramData\Application Data\IBM\MQSI\common\wsrr’.
[exec] Not all the WebSphere MQ jars are installed on this machine. Message Broker requires that WebSphere MQ for Java is installed to work correctly.
[exec] Make sure that all the correct WebSphere MQ components are installed and that the CLASSPATH correctly contains the WebSphere MQ jar files.