Online training or learning material for DevOps beginners

Hello All,

I am planning to learn DevOps and the CI and CD with Jenkins. Could you please guide me with some online trainings or tutorials for beginners.


Hi Satha,

You can go for Udemy Jenkins: Learn continuous integration, DevOps with Jenkins course.

You can get a discount on this course from here Jenkins: Learn continuous integration, DevOps with Jenkins Coupon

Also, you can checkout our devops resources site – > Devops Resources

It really depends on the skills you already have right now. If you are a beginner, I would recommend checking out these resources:

Udemy - This resource provides a good introduction to DevOps. It will answer the most basic questions such as: What is DevOps? What are the goals of implementing DevOps practices? As well as many other commonly asked questions.

Udacity - If you are looking for a more structured approach, this place provides all kinds of courses for DevOps and each course builds on the knowledge obtained from the previous one.

Lynda - Learning DevOps does not have to be a chore, so if you want a place that makes learning fun and interactive, I would recommend this place. They provide instructional videos as well as exercises to accompany the videos.

If you are mid-level programmer, I would recommend:

DevOps Institute - This organization is dedicated to everything DevOps. It has a great blog, which is updated regularly, and contains cutting-edge research about DevOps. And, all of the contributors are experts in the field.

If you would like to receive some hands-on training, it would be wise to seek out some DevOps consulting firms. They offer trainings for real-world cases and situations so you receive practical knowledge, not just theoretical.