Printing Console Output Log from One Jenkins Server to Another

Hello Everyone,

I built a Selenium grid in AWS EC2 and unfortunately need to run an instance of Jenkins on my hub for the tests to execute successfully. When the tests are complete we have a kill script that shuts off the hub and nodes on the grid to save our company the cost of those machines running. Our company Jenkins is hosted in our colo across town and has all of our other jobs including the jobs that trigger my Selenium jobs in AWS. I am looking for a proposed solution to get the results from the AWS Jenkins jobs to display in our Jenkins in the colo. If it could show the console output with a pass/fail/unstable build status would be ideal! I have all our tests in the colo Jenkins in a tab with bootstrapped-multi-unit-report plugin which is giving me a nice centralized location to see our automation tests. But, I am stuck on how to get my Selenium Grid results into this centralized location.

Any ideas??