Where To Get Good Resources on DevOps?

I need to get started with DevOps. In order to work for an organization which practices devops, what skill sets do I require?

  1. If i a developer, do I need to learn operations as well?

  2. Do I need to know CI/CD ?

  3. Do I need to know tools like chef puppet anisble etc…

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The first thing you should understand is, devops is a practice and not a specific technology. There are several aspects of IT you need to understand for practicing or adopting devops.

Read this article to get a complete understanding of DevOps http://devopscube.com/skillsets-to-work-in-devops-environment/

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DevOps is basically streamining and collaboration of development, testing, infrastructure, and operations. It is the natural evolution of software development practices
Agile -> Devops Continuous Integration -> Continuous Delivery -> Continuous Deployment -> DevOps