Why is Jenkins so popular?


There are many high-paying jobs that require Jenkins. I have used it quite a bit, but I still want to learn more about it. I don’t have anything against it. To me pragmatically it usually comes down to a fancy scheduling tool. While every enterprise is different, a build is often just an “execute shell” job. Jenkins gives you a common way to monitor a CI/CD pipeline (with many users watching the same important environment). But beyond it staying with the jobs, I don’t see why employers ask “how many year of Jenkins experience do you have?” Could a person who is otherwise technical and competent not have enough Jenkins experience? It is a light-on-features tool with a web UI. A crontab with bash scripts could substantially accomplish many Jenkins tasks without Jenkins being installed. Or am I missing something?

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hi @Raldra

Jenkins is not just a CI tool anymore where you just run a build with shell scripts.

Nowadays Jenkins is the core for many projects that needed end to end automated application deployments. In short, it is being used as an orchestrator for deploying applications.

The last two project I have worked on, had a great level of dependency on Jenkins.

So, one thing you can look at it is, Jenkins pipeline as code. Jenkins version 2 has many functionalities in terms for Automation and traceability.

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